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We know better than anyone how difficult it can be to spend hours on the internet searching for the best offer. Searching and comparing where at the end the half is be forgotten. Faced by this problems time on time we thought it should be done differently. This moment Glendid was born, an independent company that selects the best offers for you!

Glendid is not like other platforms on the internet. We aim to give you compelling ideas, knowledge, and the right perspective you need to get through your daily life. From recent technology trends to fashion tips and buying guides, we have so much to offer you. Check out our blogs and articles to find out what is really happening in the world. If you do not find what you are looking for, just send us a message right here.

Our Mission

We aim to not only provide interesting and compelling articles but build a community of readers who can benefit from reading our content. We share top-rated reviews, trusted research, advice from the experts, and the best deals for you.

Each of our members brings special knowledge in their expertise from fashion to information technology. Our team comes from many years in digital media from companies like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!

We have created Glendid to help you find what you are looking for. Unlike other blogging sites, we do not run our webpage just to make money. We provide honest and useful information to give you helpful information. We are committed to keeping up with the best discoveries and trends to provide you with reliable content every now and then.

What we offer

We offer the most useful and compelling information you need to go through your daily life. Our blogs and articles are not only enjoyable but give you complete information and know-how on the respective topic and trend.

We provide resources and encouragement through our content to help you make your life better. We work with the most specialized and trustworthy sources to help you make the best decisions of your life regarding health, lifestyle, finances, and more.


Find anything you want on Glendid. Explore the new emerging technologies, fashion trends, smart ways to banking and budgeting, and much more. We offer blogs and articles on a plethora of daily life topics to provide you everything on your reach.


  • Health

In today’s world, it is hard to balance your work life and health.  Follow our health blogs to find out the must-know health trend. From basic health information to daily life tips and yummy recipes that do not make you fat, here is everything you can find.

  • Lifestyle

From innovative house décor to taking pet care of your pets, our blogs from the lifestyle realm can be your ultimate guide to smart living.

  • Fashion

We work with some of the top-tier fashion blogger so that you have quick access to the fashion world with Glendid. Find the latest trends in clothing, shoes, jewelry and much more. Find styling ideas for different seasons and occasions. Get to know the best fashion tips and ways to carry your style from our fashion gurus.

  • Marketing

Here are some blog posts to enlighten you with recent marketing trends and effective ways to bring your business out there in the market.

  • Banking and Finance

Read blogs from our financial gurus to enhance your business knowledge and productivity. Know everything you about banking, online banking loans, and budgeting ways to manage your money smoothly. Find ways to increase your credit scores and much more.

  • Auto

Everyone wants to have the perfect dream car. Find the best car deals in your budget to get the car of your dreams. We also have tips for maintaining your car and ensuring its safety.

  • Travel

Whether you want to find a new holiday destination or need tips when traveling with a toddler, we have everything for you. Whether you are traveling for the first time or going on thrilling camping or hiking adventures, our blogs provide travel guides for all kinds of trips.

  • IT

Our information technology blogs feature a plethora of content on emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence, high-in-demand IT skills, cool sites and new gadgets.

Best of 2020 / Buying Guides / Product Review

We provide honest review products and buying guides to help you find what is suitable for you. Our buying guides have all the necessary tips and information you need to know when searching and buying something very important. From finding the most nutritious and delicious pet food to an amazing deal on SUV, here is everything.

Want a buying guide for something we do not have here. Let us know in the comments, and we will have a buying guide ready for you real quick.

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